Circus for Construction

Circus under construction

The Circus for Construction, a mobile art and design gallery, will hit the road on its inaugural fall season starting September 20. The Circus looks to revive the historic model of a traveling sideshow, which brings unique curiosities from town to town. Unlike traditional art galleries, the Circus is a custom-fabricated exhibition and event space on a 25’ long trailer pulled by a pick-up truck.  Over the course of three months, the Circus will travel to three cities on the eastern seaboard: Boston MA, Ithaca NY, and Buffalo NY.

Events at the Circus will highlight local research and emerging trends, capitalizing on the mobility of the exhibition platform. These include lectures and workshops by leading architects, artists and community leaders, such as Ron Mallis (BostonAPP/Lab) on the role of public art in the future of Boston and Joyce Hwang (Ants of the Prairie) on the opportunities presented by outdated zoning codes in Buffalo. Other pop-up gallery events will feature young researchers who seek to provoke a re-thinking about their local contexts, including Michael Jefferson and Sue Lettieri’s research on the response of coastal homes to rising tides and a protest by The Architecture Lobby in advocacy of workers rights in the design industry. Circus will also participate in the Harbor Arts Festival, in East Boston, and be featured at the Lawn on D, a laboratory for innovative public art and performance.

With construction in part financed through crowd-funding, the Circus for Construction represents a public and grassroots desire for a new type of exhibition and event platform. Against the tide of increasingly entrenched brick-and-mortar institutions, the Circus is the brainchild of young designers who believe in the potential of temporal, heterotopic, self-built spaces to radicalize how we perceive art and architecture.