Opening, House


On Thursday, September 25, Host: Natural Histories for Los Angeles kicks off WWSf with a “dark picnic” on the Silver Lake Reservoir Meadow. Enough with the sunshine, bring on the noir.

Host: Natural Histories for Los Angeles explores the multivalent meaning of “host” though spectacle, parasitic opportunism, and domestic landscapes. A picnic enacts the rituals of home on a landscape—it’s both familiar and alien. A dark picnic amplifies both conditions, making the everyday strange.

Join us and bring some food for a picnic an object that glows to illuminate the meadow. Across the street, the Neutra VDL House will blaze up the night.

Your glowing object (no flames please) can be as simple as a flashlight or as ornate as a glowing sculpture or even a dish of phosphorescent algae.

Click here for more information on time and location.