The New New Station

In the 1940’s, Tel-Aviv’s old bus station was established in Neve Sha’anan neighbourhood, not far from the city center, but far enough to disregard. Like in many other cities, the terminal area became a center for all that society wishes to repress – prostitution, drugs and urban filth. It was also a place for great cheap shopping and a huge mixture of colours, smells and options. in 1993, after 26 years of on-off construction, the new central bus station was opened. Like a concrete baby with geriatric problems, the huge station’s opening brought waves public scrutiny, with any predicting its failure. And it failed. But still, today it hosts people from dozens of countries living in the area, crowded public venues, food stalls, karaoke, shops and events, and a fantastic lively atmosphere as the main commercial center for the entire area.

But it’s 45% abandoned, neglected, dirty and unsafe.

What could the new new station be like?