Video Projection @Deserted Building

DSC00471_smPersistence Obscura: video projection at the facade of the Deserted Building of 6 Neofronos str by the visual artist Rika Krithara.

The Deserted House is a small eclecticist house that was donated in the 70s to the Municipality of Kesariani, to become an Infantry station. It remains closed and exists in a state of gradual decomposition.


It is located next to the Office. While the Office could be understood as a “personal” ghost, the deserted house is considered as the neighborhood phantom. Symbolically Riκa Krithara illuminates” the dark building with her video projection. On the façade the artist displays simultaneously images from the destruction by fire of mount Hymettos and from the collective life of climbers on the mountain. And symbolically shows us the two sides of the same coin: the lack of love and indifference and simultaneously the mutual aid and respect that sustains us in our daily living.

persistence-8 persistence2

Rika Krithara writes on her work:“There are vast areas, difficult to reach, without clear boundaries, where vision clears.  Fragments of organizing living in the mountains, at the end of a day’s wandering. Setting the tent, cooking food in a seemingly inhospitable environment. The minimum of a shell -a tent, a remnant hut- and the small group in an expanding infinite time/ space. Night, gathering around the elementary (food, warmth, sleep), the relation of the unit with the infinite.  The fire-mountain, potential annihilation of the possibility of looking at the pure beauty. The improvised organization, the mutual aid, and the Ύβρις of destruction coexist. In the extinguishing effort, images of urban fighting, an “event” fragmentary and disturbing, a rift of perception. The persistence of a foreboding disaster -and its fulfillment- returns as anxiety as well as the awakening of the community. The explosive, unexpected event dissipated in the historical time as a question and a new possibility”.Krithara_sm

Social Memory Design @ the street in front of the Office

Office opening

stencil Office opening

Social Memory Design / metoo.grSocial memory design by Metoo (Aliki Kakoulidou – Dimitra Vasilakou)

Pictures everywhere: In grandmother’s wovens, in family’s embroideries, during our trips, while visiting a museum… We were always interested in the revival of traditional folk art motifs as part of our heritage and their use in our everyday life. Working as graphic designers during the past years we use our own working methods in order to show a new perspective of folk art .

During summer vacations and while walking in the narrow streets of Amorgos island we observed many different signs-motifes drawn on the street. We discovered that the young villagers draw and dedicate them to the owner of each house of the village.

Trace memory. Using a detail from a traditional costume of the Sarakatsanoi (greek nomads that used to live in Greece in the 19th century) we create a sign that is applied on the floor of the deserted office. We dedicate this special sign to the owner of the office we offer it as a wish for a future full of action and interraction.



Social Memory Design_sm



Transparencies and the Sacred @Office


The narrative of the Office is centered around two site specific installations

by capten and Zafeiropoulou k.

that form “Transparencies and the Sacred”


(the sacred) Last year Capten installed a cage-mousetrap. An old furniture of the place was incorporated: Microgeohgraphies centered the narrative of the Office aroung that trap.On Friday 26, Capten transformed the object into an everydaylife “sacred” object.


Transperancy / Zafeiropoulou(transparencies)Katerina Zafeiropoulou intermingles the view of the window with the actual space, creating an inner perspective.

Ongoing Projects: Hacker’s Guides

DTAH, detail of Hacker's Guide to the Don

DTAH, detail of Hacker’s Guide to the Don

As part of RavinePortal, DTAH have authored two hacker’s guides to the ravines, one focusing on the Don Valley ravine system, and the other on the Humber Valley ravines.

These guides feature comprehensive maps of each ravine system, layered with relevant information pertaining to access, use, programs, amenities, key features, points of interest, etc.

Intending to fill a void in the mapping of our city, these guides are available for download at Feedback on the guides will be translated into continual updates during the course of RavinePortal.

Ongoing Projects: Dan Bergeron

Treegeneration (concept sketch)

Dan Bergeron, Treegeneration concept sketch

Treegeneration is a series of interventions in which condo sandwich boards are layered and shaped onto tree stumps, uniting milled wood with its source and transforming both into sculptural forms. Hybrids of the natural and man-made, these sculptures ask viewers to reflect upon notions of home and the fragility of our natural and built environments. Located in the Rosedale Valley ravine system, Treegeneration brings street art to an urban forest creating another hybrid form that activates this public space for visitors through a sense of discovery and incongruity.



Ravine Portraits by Aaron Vincent Elkaim

Aaron Vincent Elkaim, Ravine Portraits

We are collecting self-portraits taken within ravine landscapes in order to reinforce the point that Toronto’s ravines offer something for everyone.

So explore the ravines, take a photo of yourself while you’re there, and upload it via Instagram using #ravineselfie.

We will collect the portraits and exhibit them as part of RavinePortal’s final week.

Compiling the Evidence


Images from the RavinePortal opening exhibition

Toronto’s ravines have captured the attention of many, and inspired an enormous array of design and artistic responses.  One aim of RavinePortal is to collect these different voices, different impressions of the ravines, and compile them into an exhibition that is then projected back out into the world.

Serving as a reminder of this incredible resource, and reinforcing its importance to us all, the initial exhibition for RavinePortal is going live tomorrow at 5pm. Feedback obtained over the course of the exhibition, whether through social media or more low-fi means, will direct and mold the course and content of the exhibition.

Two special ways for the public to contribute to RavinePortal are going to be launched on Opening Night.