Ottoman delicatessen by Ece Pazarbasi: Rice with Mussels & Semolina Helva.

Ece Pazarbaşı offered delicatessen from the Ottoman period in reference to the performers Erdman and İhraç. Evolving around the issues of body and the time span of the body, Pazarbaşı offered spicy rice with MUSSLES and a special Helva that is offered after funerals.
In her conceptual cooking practice, Pazarbaşı uses existing recipes to re-define contemporary situations and conflicts and to create a change in the audience’s perception regarding these situations.

Ece Pazarbaşı works and walks on the merged borderline of curatorial practice, artistic research and alternative education. Since 2007 she has been curating public space projects and audio tours in the urban and rural domains. She was a fellow at the Institute for Spatial Experiments (O. Eliasson) and is currently a MFA/PhD Students advisor at New York Transarts Institute’s Summer Academy in Berlin.

Our stall in the Markthalle Neun.

Our stall in the Markthalle Neun. “Rice with Mussels.”




Editions for rice with mussels.

Editions for rice with mussels.