Performance by Hana Erdman & Jasmin İhraç with sound by Steffen Martin.

Erdman and İhraç facilitated a public meditation of folding and unfolding objects of exchange. For this performance, they used Turkish towels, some of which are hand-woven and others machine-produced. The production of both versions involves repetitive movement that informed this performance. It invited the public to participate.

Hana Lee Erdman is an artist working and living in Berlin. She deals with choreography as expanded practice, approaching performance from both embodied and visual disciplines. She received a Masters Degree from the Inter-University Center for Dance (HZT), University of the Arts Berlin.

Jasmin İhraç is most interested in the interplay between political activism and artistic work, and explores how the political comes to its dance and dance finds its politics. She studied sociology at the Freie University Berlin and Contemporary Dance, Context and Choreography at the Inter-University Centre for Dance (HZT) in Berlin.