Social Memory Design @ the street in front of the Office

Office opening

stencil Office opening

Social Memory Design / metoo.grSocial memory design by Metoo (Aliki Kakoulidou – Dimitra Vasilakou)

Pictures everywhere: In grandmother’s wovens, in family’s embroideries, during our trips, while visiting a museum… We were always interested in the revival of traditional folk art motifs as part of our heritage and their use in our everyday life. Working as graphic designers during the past years we use our own working methods in order to show a new perspective of folk art .

During summer vacations and while walking in the narrow streets of Amorgos island we observed many different signs-motifes drawn on the street. We discovered that the young villagers draw and dedicate them to the owner of each house of the village.

Trace memory. Using a detail from a traditional costume of the Sarakatsanoi (greek nomads that used to live in Greece in the 19th century) we create a sign that is applied on the floor of the deserted office. We dedicate this special sign to the owner of the office we offer it as a wish for a future full of action and interraction.



Social Memory Design_sm