Hustling, Archiving: Laurel Consuelo Broughton and Andrew Kovacs

The 2014 installment of Out There Doing It, the LA Forum’s annual series on emergent practice, brings together designers, architects, writers, and filmmakers from across Los Angeles’ cultural landscape. Fellow Worldwide Storefront participants Laurel Consuelo Broughton and Andrew Kovacs each have their own endeavors, Welcome Projects and Archive of Affinities, respectively. In a fateful pairing, they’ve teamed up for Gallery Attachment and OTDI. We asked them a few questions.



What’s design practice in Los Angeles today?

 To ask about design practice is to ask about a very broad arena of production. Our day-to-day constitutes many different activities — writing, teaching, exhibiting, hustling, archiving, documenting, capturing, collecting, looking, seeing, hearing, talking, making, reading, thinking.


Does the urban landscape figure into your approach projects and concepts?

Yes, our current project was inspired by an appreciation for certain oddities we see as inherent to Los Angeles. We are currently publishing a zine called a folly is also an accident, which documents these scenarios. Some of our titles are, Bad Additions, Bad Guard Shacks, Bad Galleries, Bad Details, and Bad Architecture.


Briefly discuss one project from what you’ll be presenting at the OTDI Roundtable on October 16.

We are currently working on a project called Gallery Attachment; while we both have individual practices, the impetus here was to explore an overlap that we share of sensibilities and aesthetic ambitions. With support from the LA Forum and the Storefront for Art and Architecture, Gallery Attachment has grown in scope and will be opening on November 1. It is a full-scale architectural accumulation that will host a series of collaborative events with architects and designers here in Los Angeles. Concurrently, across the street from the site of the accumulation at Jai & Jai Gallery there will be a parallel exhibition of drawings that seek to redefine the architectural component.

How do you “host”? 

We host through different mediums some virtual and some physical. Come to our opening on November 1 at 7pm.

Gallery Attachment is located at 643 N Spring Street Los Angeles, CA 90012.