Collectivising a Vertical Garden

The Vertical Tea Garden > Work in progress + how it works + it grows!
Will be located at the 7th floor of Tel Aviv Central Bus Station // WWSf Tel aviv.

The Pipe Huggers
Many of us shared a fascination to vertical agriculture, the fact that you can stack plants, hang them on walls and they’ll adapt, blossom and provide. perfect for city dwellers. So we’ve experimented with PVC pipes we found in the street, and vertical guerrilla gardening came out.

photo 2

What’s the story of these magenta pipes?

The scale changed after a trip to a pipe factory in the north of Israel. The original purpose of these pipes is municipal infrastructure and pink is the code for effluent re-used water. The factory introduced us to their assembly line and the waste material that cannot be recycled and is currently shipped far from sight to China. In other words – dead material which will take centuries to decompose.

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With a little help of friends we’ve managed to ship some pipes down to Tel-Aviv, and examine the behaviour of this sassy material. Soon it became one of our favourite objects to work with – upcycling, creating different prototypes of vertical gardens and experimenting with the communal effect. Now we got to know the neighbours, talk to strangers and surprise some random pessimists. The open development process included industrial designers, architects, agronomists and urban farmers, one clever physician, neighbours, and other members composing Onya Collective.

A / Prototype 1 – Jaffa, Margoza st. / Guerilla Public Garden



B / Prototype 2 – Vegi-Bench, with Ghana Think Tank, ‘The Infiltrators’, Artport Tel-Aviv.


C / Irrigation + Structure

In summer months, a well known hazard in Tel-Aviv is air conditioners dripping large amounts of waste water on sidewalks and on people’s heads. A capillarity based low-tech vertical irrigation system, with no need for pumps or computers, has been developed to make smart use of the waste water and distribute it between planters, using the strong plastic structure as columns hiding a reservoir.


D /  The 20 meter long Vertical Tea Garden – in progress
Will be presented at the WWSf opening in Tel-Aviv / New York

bench_floor7_the making