Neighbours. Day Three

Tree House

Tree House – Casa Club
Radamés Juni Figueroa (Puerto Rico)

Tree House – Casa Club – was a project developed for the Residency Program La Practica at Beta Local by Radamés “Juni” Figueroa. Figueroa is a Puerto Rican artist who developed a “collage” or architectural assembly made of the site’s timber (El Bosque Auxiliar, Naguabo), as well as materials collected in the city of San Juan. Among the materials employed were wood of various types, glass windows, tropical windows, zinc and plastic roofing, and other discarded materials found throughout the city. With these myriad objects, Radamés Juni built a structure in the forest that serves as a haven to relax, enjoy the scenery, partake of live music and even meditate. Juni Figueroa’s initial idea was to create a space to get away from the city and he thus ventured into the tropical forest […] The Grand Opening of the Club House was held last June 8, 2013. It was a sunny day full of magic and the intensity of the forest. A BBQ was held, craft beer was available and two rock and roll local bands performed – Las Ardillas and Reanimadores. As it began getting dark, fireflies emerged and were joined by psychedelic sounds introduced into the forest by Joelito el de Magueyes. The recent opening marked the beginning of a series of events and exhibitions that will be organized by Radamés “Juni” Figueroa in the Tree House – Casa Club.

16kg to bend a tree

16kg to Bend a Tree
Felippe Moraes (Brasil)

(…)The works shown here by Felippe Moraes seem to deal with this centimetre of breath, or in other words, they speak about the invisible abyss between numbers and their fake reliability.
(…) Felippe Moraes uses the technical reproducibility to make considerations about the relations of geometry and the physical space. The object that excavates today is the same one that will be discarded tomorrow; the body that is active and that gives names to units of measurement is the same that shall be conditioned to a coffin, in other words, a wooden quadrilateral. Geometry surrounds us and in it we shall be enclosed.
(…)Is it possible to bend a tree? Would we have the same doubt if this question was to be directed towards the buildings in the back of the photographic image of 16kg to bend a tree (2012)?

Proyecto Helicoide

Helicoide Project
Celeste Olalquiaga (Venezuela)
Photo: Roads Exhibition, MoMA, 1961

Independent initiative which aims to culturally evaluate “El Helicoide de la Roca Tarpeya”, its structure, history and memory, through a series of exhibitions, publications and educational activities for 2014.
Conceived and directed by cultural historian Celeste Olalquiaga, Proyecto Helicoide brings together a multidisciplinary team of historians, architects, museum curators, artists and communicators including Maria Fernanda Jaua, Lisa Blackmore, Fabiola Arroyo, Mónica Santander and LuisRa Bergolla, among others.
Its goal is to produce a critical appreciation of this icon of modernity from different artistic, documentary and testimonial records from a multidisciplinary perspective. These records will form part of a more comprehensive evaluation about the complexities and contradictions of the modern process in which this building and its ups and downs are registered, both continental and worldwide.