CBS Geodome Garden Installations

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The Geodome – Gardner on the Roof group – Zvi Halbrecht, Israeli Bamboo Center‘s Ran Lichtner, Ilan from Ruach Shtut, Tami from Halbrecht Farm and Ori from Origani

Geodesic domes have become a symbol for temporary and affordable place-making in festivals and community gardens around the world. A Geodome made of bamboo and reused irrigation pipes was constructed above the fenced and closed entrance ramp. Complemented by fast growing climbing peas and greens, the Geodome signals that something good is now growing.

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The Bustan – Amir Elron, Agrocity

In the ramp, a smartly irrigated citrus orchard shows the potential of fruit trees in the city. Tel Aviv, planned originally as a ‘Garden City’, is full of trees scattered between buildings and streets. Integrating the local wisdom of the Bustan, fruit gardens popular in Palestinian culture, into the modern city, could provide food and vitamins to urban dwellers. Agrocity’s installation sits on the border between the public street and the private property of CBS, responding to a city rule that permits picking fruit from trees growing in private gardens, only as far as the hand can reach. Thanks to Guy Yogev.


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Bio Bench – Tamar Meshulam

The BioBench is a practical sculpture that combines plants and production waste from a pipe plant. It serves as a relaxing spot, a pause from the busy street above. Built in a collaborative effort of youngsters and residents, this project strengthens the sense of belonging of locals to their public space, and enhances the connection between man and nature. Thanks to Michael Negev and Uri Sinai

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