Radioponics – Symbiotic Food Cycle in a Former Radio Station

The Station’s Radio was used in the first years of the mall as a venue for advertisment and music for the visitors. In its new role, it has been transformed into an aquaponic farm growing lettuce and fish. Aquaponics is an innovative method based on symbiotic relations between fish and soilless plants. Substances secreted from plant roots, growing in water, supply nurishment to the fish. In turn, the fish provide nitrogen-rich fertilizer to the plants. Aquaponic systems in closed spaces diminish the need for fertilizers and pesticides, and reduce water consumption by over 80%.


Built by¬†Onya Collective’s Shmulik Twig with LivinGreen.

During the opening event, the radio was brought to life with an immersive dance performance by 3 dancers moving within the public passages, drawing passengers and exhibition visitors into the pink light.

IMG_6117 DSC08539 DSC08531 DSC08536

Thanks to Moti Cohen, Nitzan Solan, Paul Lichtenstein and Moran Weissfisch

Photos: Avigail Roubini, Shmulik Twig, Moran Weissfisch